The VRX Token

VRX is the unique currency for our decentralized metaverse. It allows users to create 3d worlds, purchase unique digital items and advertise in the Metaverse.

VRX is an ERC-20 token with a limited supply of 100,000,000. You can learn more about its use cases here.

VRX Use cases
Tokens Distribution
Our Vision

Contribution Period

Purchase some VRX Tokens to join our movement to create a decentralized 3d universe.

0 tokens distributed (0%)

Total Supply: 100,000,000 VRX
Contribution Period: -% (- VRX)
Current Price: - ETH ($-) / VRX
Hard Cap: ≈- ETH ($-)
Soft Cap: - ETH ($-)



Use cases of the VRX Token

The entire 3d universe or Metaverse will be powered by the VRX Token. Here are some examples of great use cases for the token:


Advertisers will have to use the VRX Token to purchase ads from creators.

Avatar Skins

Players will be able to customize their avatar by purchasing some specific items. They will use the VRX Token to do this.

Custom 3d Models

With Vryx, we are creating a brand new way for 3d artists to earn money from their work. Creators will be able to use VRX to purchase the rights to use a specifc model (uploaded by an external 3d artist) in their world.

In-App currency

Worlds and Games created with Vryx will be using the VRX Token as their main currency.

Mid/long-term ideas

As we move forward we will discover more and more use cases for VRX. It could for example be used to create a market for unique 3d collectibles or to run an immersive educational system...

Tokens Distribution *


Here are more details about how the tokens are being distributed among the contributors, community, founding team, future developers and creators:

Crowdsale (70%)

70% of the tokens (70,000,000) are being sold during the contribution period.

Original Team (10%)

10% of the Tokens (10,000,000) are being distributed to the founding team.

Future Developers (10%)

10% of the Tokens (10,000,000) will be distributed to the developers who will help us improve our open-source platform. Learn more

World Creators (7%)

7% of the Tokens (7,000,000) will be distributed to the best creators of the metaverse. Learn more

Community Airdrop (3%)

3% of the Tokens (3,000,000) will be distributed to the most active community members. Learn more

Contribution Period

Here is how the contribution period for the VRX Token will work:

Tier 1

Amount: 26,400,000 VRX
Price: - ETH per VRX ($-)
1 ETH = - VRX

Tier 2

Amount: 26,400,000 VRX
Price: - ETH per VRX ($-)
1 ETH = - VRX

Tier 3

Amount: 26,400,000 VRX
Price: - ETH per VRX ($-)
1 ETH = - VRX