Our Vision

We are building a decentralized 3d universe on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Do you want the Metaverse to be owned by big corporations or by its users? If you prefer the latter join our movement and start building your own 3d world right now. "Are you willing to fight?"

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What are we creating?

We are a group of independant & talented developers with a strong obsession, to create a global 3d ecosystem owned by its users. Some people call it the Metaverse others call it the Oasis.

Who would want to live in a virtual world controlled by Facebook, Google or Microsoft? If the Metaverse exists at some point we want it to be controlled by its users and not by a big corporation. While great projects like Decentraland are working on a similar idea we believe that our vision, execution and strategy deserves to be implemented.

Our Strategy

To get there, we spent the last few months developing a browser based 3d builder that will let anyone create his/her own 3d world without any developer skills. You can try our Alpha version here.

Users can explore the worlds created by other builders directly in their browser (we are working on a Unity viewer as well to handle more complex worlds).

To compete with other 3d platforms we built one of the most advanced "browser based" 3d builder to allow any enthusiasts to create their own 3d worlds without writing a single line of code.

The VRX Token

The entire ecosystem is powered by the VRX Token. It is being used to create worlds, purchase custom items for the avatars or advertising from builders. It will have more and more use cases as we keep on improving Vryx. You can learn more about the VRX Token here

Which problems are we solving?

Vryx's impact can be viewed on 3 main elements:

Decentralization of the Metaverse

Our main goal is to decentralize what we call the Metaverse. If you look at the current ecosystem you will see that the 3D & VR space are being owned by big corporations like Facebook, Google or Microsoft. Our opinion is that the Metaverse should be owned by its users and shouldn't depend upon the will of a unique company.

Ease of Creation

If you want to create a 3d experience right now, you will have to learn how to use some specific softwares like Unity or Unreal Engine or libraries like Three.js. We can't expect to create an infinite Metaverse if we limit the creation of those 3d games and experiences to highly qualified developers. We created a web-based 3d builder to let anyone create their own 3d world without having to write any single line of code.

Solving the lack of 3d models and the remuneration of 3D artists

Creating a website is very easy but developing a 3d experience is way more complicated, especially because you need a lot of 3d models and creating those is way more complicated than writing an article on the web. If we want to create a massive Metaverse, we need to create a better market for 3d artists to encourage them to create a lot of 3d models. This is completely possible with the Blockchain and the VRX Token. It will allow artists to be compensated every time a builder decide to use their 3d content in their world and will be able to know exactly who is doing it at any time.