Our community is our most important asset. On this page you will find more details about how you can help as a developer, a creator or a community member and the rewards you can receive by contributing.


The Community Airdrop

3% of the VRX tokens (3,000,000 VRX) are dedicated to the "Community Airdrop" and will be distributed until the end of 2018 to:

People spreading the word about Vryx (Youtube videos, blog posts, social networks, chats...)
Most engaged community members (welcoming new users, answering questions...).
Replies to some specific requests such as traductions or documentations...

If you feel that you made a great and impactful contribution to the community you can fill in this form to let us know. The Airdrop team will analyze your contribution and its impact and send you some VRX if it passes our tests.

We release a pre-determined amount of VRX once a week according to this calendar. So your participation will also depend on the quality of the contributions made by other members.


We highly recommend you to join our Reddit and Discord channel to start interacting with our community.



The creators are the users who create 3d worlds in Vryx. They are a key part of the community and deserves to be incentivized for their participation.

7% of the VRX Tokens (7,000,000 VRX) will be distributed to the best World Creators according to some specific elements:

User engagement
Quality and Design

A percentage of this fund will also be dedicated to incentivize 3d artists to publish models on Vryx later.


Finally, a word for developers. As we explained, our team is dedicated to keep on improving Vryx and turn it into the best Decentralized Metaverse available. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to incentivize external developers to join us and improve the platform with us.

10% of the VRX Tokens (10,000,000 VRX) will be distributed to the developers who join us in our decentralized journey. You will be able to join for a simple task or for more complex projects if you want to.

We are using Three.js to handle the web-based 3d experience, Web3.js to communicate with the Ethereum Blockchain, Node.js for the social-networking functionalities and IPFS to decentralized the hosting of the 3d worlds.

If you are interested in working with us you can email us at or join our Discord channel.