Create your own decentralized 3d world

We developed an intuitive web-based platform to let you build your own 3d worlds and publish them on IPFS without any technical skills.

Vryx is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and is powered by the VRX Token, we ensure the full decentralization of your 3d worlds by saving them on IPFS.


Learn more about the VRX Token

Join our community

Our community is our most important asset. Join our family on Reddit and Discord to share your ideas and learn about our development and progress.


Customize your avatar

Create a player that looks like you and go meet other users! All of the 3d worlds in Vryx will be social which means that players will be able to view your avatar and chat with you when you are in the same world.

The VRX Token

Players will need some VRX tokens to purchase specific items in Vryx such as Advertising, Avatar Skins or custom 3d models. VRX Tokens are ERC-20 tokens based on the Ethereum Blockchain. There is a maximum supply of 100,000,000 VRX. You can learn more about the token and its use cases here.


Be Social

You will meet a lot of players while you explore our worlds and you will be able to communicate with them in a lot of different manners, don't be shy!

Full decentralization

Your 3d worlds are saved on IPFS which makes Vryx the first platform to let you publish decentralized 3d content.

We store the ownership of those worlds on the Ethereum Blockchain which makes it impossible for anyone other than you to modify your content.


More details

We created some useful guides to help you learn more about our project, we recommend you to explore the following links: